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A review on Goodreads (from an actual new adult):

Love and candy is not your typical girl meets boy and happily ever after. Elizabeth Famous does a great job in capturing the realism that is involved in romances at this age. 

Love and Candy is about a young girl, Sam, who falls for the older soccer hottie at her high school, Delaney. She basically stalks him, which is actually normal for girls this age, and along the way her family life is also turned upside down when she realizes the truth about who her father is and also her parents past. 

I loved the book! It wasn't what I expected in the least and although it may be difficult to relate to Sam now, if I think about how I was as a freshman there was definitely a possibility I would act the same way given her situations. It is a different kind of romance and is more of a self discovery in a way and it was great to watch Sam grow.