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Love & Candy is a Daring “New Adult” Novel that Doesn't Sugar Coat First Love

Another addition to the burgeoning category of “New Adult” novels, Love & Candy, the debut novel by Elizabeth Famous, pushes the boundaries of traditional romance with an down and dirty portrayal of a young woman’s first serious relationship.

“I wanted to challenge myself to write a story about a young woman who takes a huge risk emotionally and physically by having sex on her first date with a guy she’s infatuated with,” says Elizabeth Famous, “and somehow she manages to handle what she got herself into, maturing as a person in the process.”

Unlike YA novels, where the salacious parts of coming of age are glossed over, “New Adult” novels don’t shy away from addressing issues such as STIs, bullying, binge drinking, loss of innocence, family drama and sexual harassment.  Love & Candy is for readers in their late teens or early twenties but also thirty- and forty-year-olds who enjoyed Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey

The e-book and self-publishing revolutions have given life to the “New Adult” category as new authors offer new choices for readers.

“Perfection is boring,” says Elizabeth Famous , “My heroine falls for a tormented guy who sleeps around.  He doesn't say all the right things and he’ll never be prince charming, but he’s part of our contemporary hook up culture.  He’s irreverent and bold, and pessimistic about love.” 

Love & Candy will be available on, as well as other major booksellers, as a paperback or e-book.  Learn more at where feedback is welcome.